Неравноделните метроритми при обучението по музика в 1.-4. клас

Ангелов, Мариан (2016) Неравноделните метроритми при обучението по музика в 1.-4. клас Докторска дисертация - присъдена образователна и научна степен „доктор”, дата на защита - 22.04.2016 г. Научен ръководител: доц. д-р Илияна Николова, професионално направление: 1.3. Педагогика на обучението по ..., научна специалност: Mетодика на обучението по музика, Педагогически факултет, Великотърновски университет „Св. св. Кирил и Методий”, Велико Търново, 248 с., 2016, COBISS.BG-ID 1275361252

 The actuality of the chosen topic is determined by the role of irregular metrical rhythms education for inspiring patriotic feelings in adolescents and the constant search for various methodological approaches to achieving greater efficiency in the process of education. Subject of study is the current (after 2000) musical education documentation for primary schools approved by the Ministry of Education: State Educational Requirements (SER), curricula, music learner’s pack - a textbook, a workbook in music, a teacher’s book, compact discs (CDs) of a team of authors Galunka Kaloferova, Vyara Sotirova and Rositsa Draganova. When working on the dissertation paper the following methods were used: description, analysis, comparison, summary, didactic test, graphical methods. Certain generalizations and conclusions are made based on the characteristics found as a result of the study. They in turn create opportunities for suggesting certain recommendations developed in a model for education in irregular metrical rhythms for grades 1-4. The model clarifies terminology, forms of work for developing rhythmic sense and musical repertoire in irregular metrical rhythms, consistent with pupils’ age and methodological requirements in various musical activities.

 Мариан Ангелов

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