Белите генерали за реставрацията на стария режим.

Астарджиева, Татяна (2016) Белите генерали за реставрацията на стария режим. - VIA EVRASIA, Алманах, 2016, 5, с. 1-17.,%20VIA%20EVRASIA,%202016,%205.pdf. Online ISSN 1314-6645.

 For decades, Soviet historiography accused the white generals in an effort to return to the old monarchical regime during the Civil War in Russia. Today, after the publication of the memoirs of the participants in the White movement, as well as the opportunity to explore new historical facts, is given a new light on the issue. Despite the sympathy of some whiteguards to the monarchy, the founders of the movement L.G. Kornilov, M. Alexeev and the Supreme Managing Alexander Kolchak, elected the Constituent Assembly to make the decisions on the structure of Russia, not the restoration of the old order.
 White movement, white generals, country, monarchy, dictatorship, General Kornilov, General Alexeev and Admiral Kolchak

 Татяна Астарджиева

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