Technologies enhance the learning in the school

Бузов, Емил (2014) Technologies enhance the learning in the school Образование, наука, иновации: сборник научни доклади от международна научна конференция, Европейски политехнически университет, 2014, с. 184-190, ISSN 1314-5711, COBISS.BG-ID 1261395172

 Technology enhance training aims to provide an opportunity for learning wherever the learner, socio-economic circumstances and demographic characteristics. Technologies enhance training also lead to more flexible educational programs to meet the individual, providing greater choice of content and access to quality education. Interactivity through this type of training stimulates learners to develop their own abilities and promotes a higher level of learning and critical thinking.
 Technology Enhance learning (TEL), students, digital skills, learning environment

 Емил Бузов

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