Иновационни подходи в методиката на обучение в началното училище

Бузов, Емил (2011) Иновационни подходи в методиката на обучение в началното училище Сборник от международна конференция "Взаимодействието теория - практика: ключови проблеми и решения", ред. кол. Петко Чобанов и др., т. IV, БСУ, Габрово: Екс-Прес, 2011, с. 263-270, ISBN 978-954-9370-81-2, COBISS.BG-ID 1245772260

 It is necessary to clarify the role and place in the organization of the learning environment in the classroom, which meets the needs of the child according to the level of its development within a technological context. When properly designed and supervised work activities to encourage hard work, initiative, independence, confidence, knowledge, involvement in making rules, establishing and maintaining a friendship, cooperation and collaboration, respect for classmates and teachers, responsibility and success. In this regard, it is current practice towards more effective model of organization associated with a positive learning environment in classroom lessons in life and home equipment, which is fraught with great potential. This educational model is necessary to turn in the opposite direction and turning in search of institutional opposition, ie in the construction of new educational paradigms to enhance each student the opportunity to transform each moment of his life at a time of learning, sharing and implementation.
 Curricula, programs, positive management of thenvironment, programs, innovation approaches, additional materials, schools policy

 Емил Бузов

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