Марков, Иван (2016) TOURISM POTENTIAL OF TRANSPORTCORRIDOR NO. 9, Международна научна конференция “Културен коридор Западен трансбалкански път – културен туризъм без граници” 29.09.2016 – 03.10.2016, Метеора – о-в Лефкада, Гърция, АИ, ЮЗУ „ Неофит Рилски”с. 144-148, ISBN 978-954-300-158-3.

 The development of the tourism corridors is not a new idea. It is connected with the utilization and development of tourism resources adjacent to the main transport corridors. Adjacent areas are formed around them with a concentration of tourist attractions, which creates opportunities for completing the tourism products and highlighting the special character of the territory. Such territorial resource locations will stimulate the creation of tourism product and they will become centres for territorial coordination of tourism and integrated regional policy. Transport corridor No. 9 has such opportunities
 transport corridor; tourism corridor; LoCuS; tourism zones; resource localizations.

Социални, стопански и правни науки Туризъм

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Tourism

 Иван Марков

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