Марков, Иван (2016) СЕКС ТУРИЗМЪТ – ОТ САНТИМЕНТА ДО ДЪЛГА НАУЧНИ ТРУДОВЕ Том LХ, кн. 1, 2016 г. КРЪГЛА МАСА СПЕЦИАЛИЗИРАНИ ВИДОВЕ ТУРИЗЪМ – ПРЕДИЗВИКАТЕЛСТВА И ПЕРСПЕКТИВИ 3–4 юни 2016, Пловдив Главен редактор Проф. д-р Щелияна Калинова Отговорен редактор Таня Цветковска Редактиране на английските резюмета Ваня Симеонова Формат 32/70х100 Печатни коли 23,75 Академично издателство на Аграрния университет Пловдив, 2016 http://nauchnitrudove.au-plovdiv.bg/ ISSN 1312-6318 (Print) ISSN 2367-5845 (Online)

 Certain kinds of tourism in Bulgaria cease to be “taboo”. The aim of the publication is the identification of the main reasons for the demand and supply of sex tourism in its certain segment, outlined by following two films - My Boyfriend The Sex Tourist - Real Stories and Doku Sextourismus in Afrika ltere Frauen und ihre jungen Lover. Literary analysis, analytical and inductive methods are used in the publication. It can be concluded that among the people seeking for sex, there is a specific target group sex tourists who look for genuine, true feelings, shared sexual intimacy and even love in the most trivial understanding of this spiritual state. As for the providers, the main conclusion is that the purely human duty that the individual feels a need for financial support for friends and relatives is fundamental. Unlike inanimate material production, the economic tourist activity corresponding to different centers of the human spirit can turn out to be slow and/or hard refundable.
 sex tourism, target group, need/motive, demand, supply

Социални, стопански и правни науки Туризъм

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Tourism

 Иван Марков

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