Аграрните клъстери

Марков, Иван (2014) Аграрните клъстери Международна научна конференция по повод 30 години катедра “ География“ във Великотърновски университет „ Св.св. Кирил и Методий“,28-29 ноември 2014г. В. Търново, 2014.Изд ИВИС, с.164-170. ISBN 978-954-2968-96-2.

 The cluster approach is an effective instrument for improving micro-economical and social background of a certain geographic region. Porter connects the clusters to the geographic and territorial closeness, and defines the cluster as a “geographic concentration of companies and institutions in a certain area, that are connected to each other” (Porter, 1998). The agro-manufacture clusters are a type of industrial clusters, combining the aims of agricultural producers and food industry for achieving higher competitiveness in food production. In the modern conditions, in our country the integration in the wine sector can take place on the line – grapes production – wine production. The presence of integration connections can lead to reducing transaction expenses. The opportunities for integration in the wine sector are analyzed in this report
 : Vertical integration, clusters, agricultural clusters

Социални, стопански и правни науки Икономика

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Economics

 Иван Марков

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