The Cyrillic Domain Name Challenge

Димитрова-Гализова, Мариела (2014) The Cyrillic Domain Name Challenge KSI Transactions on KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY,, ISSN 1313-4787(Print), ISSN 2367-5403(Online), ABSTRACTED & INDEXED at: EBSCO, Open-J-Gate, SJIF, Scientific Indexing Services, Directory of Open Access scholarly Resources, NACID, National Library, Google Scholar etc.

 Domain name originated as a technical term which relevance increases because of the massive use of the global network. From a technical perspective, the domain name or DNS (Domain Name System) is a verbal indication which meets a digit combination in the network, the digit combination identifies the connected computers on Internet. There is a variety of definitions about this object of industrial property; this paper will stick to the two main ones-of ICANN and The law of Electronic Commerce.
 Domain name, domain, industrial property, trademark

Социални, стопански и правни науки

Social sciences, economic sciences and law

 Мариела Димитрова-Гализова

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