Казусът в обучението по религия като метод за учене чрез опит

Легкоступ, Магдалена (2014) Казусът в обучението по религия като метод за учене чрез опит Годишно научно-методическо списание „Образование и технологии“, бр. 5, година V, 2014, с. 174–180. ISSN 1314–1791; COBISS.BG-ID 1270431972

 This paper presents the advantages of the implementation of case study as a way to transform the religious knowledge in personal experience. Detailed information is given about the nature of the method of case studies, the key areas of its implementation and its theoretical background. This paper provides a defense of the inclusion of religious and moral case studies in the classroom, based on the experience teaching. The case study method challenges students to engage the issues being discussed and to participate actively in the deliberative process. These activities are an appropriate way to address issues of religion and morality. Teachers have a special moral obligation to foster a unique type of deliberative respect in the classroom. This obligation requires participants to exercise and develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills through the study of particular cases - something that other teaching methods cannot achieve at such a high level.
 case study, experience teaching, religious education

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 Магдалена Легкоступ

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