„Стар бял дядо иска голо хоро” (Пародия и митопоетичен образец в една еротична народна песен).

Моллов, Тодор (2009) „Стар бял дядо иска голо хоро” (Пародия и митопоетичен образец в една еротична народна песен). Българската Vita Sexualis. Сборник с доклади от Десети Пролетни четения на Асоциация по антропология, етнология и фолклористика „Онгъл”, Русе, 2007. /Съставители: ст.н.с. д-р Николай Ненов, д-р Росен Малчев, н.с. д-р Константин Рангочев. С., РОД, 2009, с. 7-14

 Todor Mollov “Old white man wants a naked horo”. Parody and mythological and poetical model in an erotic folk song Analysis of the folk song “Old white man wants nine old women to play naked horo” puts the emphasis on the relations between erotic parody and its “high” mythological and poetical model – mythical ballad about the marriage of a shepherd – musician and a mythical virgin (woodnymph, fairy). The general features of characters and chronotope have been established, as well as the relation of the two songs to the shaman mythological and ritualistic complex of Bulgarian paganism. There is a relative dating for the appearance of both plots – both themes probably appeared with the forming of the folklore in 9–10 century, as a response to the shaman mythology. Unlike mythical ballads, which are considered to be among the “serious” texts and also because of the transformation “from myth to reality”, the image of the old man and his erotic desires is a subject of discrediting and “travesty” after the sunset of the ideology that gave rise to it (12–13 Century) and it is appreciated only as “funny”.

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 Тодор Моллов

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