Травматизъм в спортното катерене.

Беломъжева-Димитрова, Стефания (2015) Травматизъм в спортното катерене. Сборник трудове от Международна научна конференция „Педагогическото бразование – традиции и съвременност”, 20 – 21 ноември 2015, Велико Търново. Редактор/Рени Христова-Коцева. Велико Търново: I and B, 2015, с. ISSN 2534-9317

 Abstract: Popular in developed countries is the practice of extreme sports. One of these sports is climbing. It is a natural human locomotion activity for which the skills and habits are formed and developed from an early human age. Climbing is a way of movement of human body in a highly inclined, vertical or overhanging terrains. It involves the whole motor apparatus of human body and requires constant balance and opposition to physical laws through the action of muscles of upper and lower limbs. The climbing load is heterogeneous and depends on the difficulty of the routes and their individual sections. It can be concluded that climbing is an extreme, high-altitude sport that requires serious efforts from the muscles to maintain balance and overcome the own weight vertically. All these factors favor receiving of injuries. The purpose of the study is: to establish the type and localization of the most common types of injuries of elite climbers.
 Keywords: climbing, injuries, efforts.

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Social sciences, economic sciences and law Pedagogy of Teaching…

 Стефания Беломъжева-Димитрова

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