Belomazheva-Dimitrova, S. Elbow Stiffness – Nature and Ethiopathogenesis.

Беломъжева-Димитрова, Стефания (2013) Belomazheva-Dimitrova, S. Elbow Stiffness – Nature and Ethiopathogenesis. Research in Kinesiology, 2013, vol. 41, 1/2013, pp.111-116. Print ISSN: 1857-7679, indexed in COBISS, EBSCO, WZB, WolrdCat, TIB.

 The elbow joint is an intermediate motor unit of the upper extremity, responsible for the positioning of the forearm and hand at various heights and positions in space. The stiffness of the elbow joint is a problem of social significance, because it has a particularly large effect on the capability of performing basic everyday actions, and various labor and household activities. This document aims at presenting the anatomical specificities of the elbow joint – the reason for its high reactivity, to summarize the reasons and pathogenic factors of the elbow stiffness. The detailed knowledge of the changes occurring in the tissues after various pathological processes their pathogenesis and their relative share in each specific case of elbow stiffness, is of great significance of the treatment and dealing with this condition.
 Keywords: range of motion, trauma, immobilization, shortening, pain.

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 Стефания Беломъжева-Димитрова

1. Ангелова, П. Изследване ефективността на кинезитерапевтична програма за възстановяване и профилактика на спортния травматизъм при атлети с увреждания. Дисертациoнен труд. Велико Търново, 2016.

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