Imperial Limes – Projections in Medieval Imperial Idea.

Жеков, Живко (2015) Imperial Limes – Projections in Medieval Imperial Idea. Venets, 2015, 6(1), рр. 49–62. Print ISSN 1314–0256; 1314–0426

 Abstract. Roman imperial limes from I - V BC was the first state border in world history, which in some sense corresponds to the modern concept of political boundary. It represents sustainable political, military and economic barrier between the Romans and the rest of the world. With minor modifications it retains their basic strategic concept during the period as expressed from the emperors Augustus and Tiberius. Limes become powerful barrier that separates cultural Roman Hellenistic world of the wild barbarian but at the same time limits the constructed infrastructure of roads, forts and towns became a natural cultural, commercial and political mediator between these two initially hostile worlds. In border towns developed a lively trade between Romans and barbarians. Roman traders penetrate inside the barbarian lands getting to know their culture and history. Studying foreign peoples and countries they convey information gathered imperial legate of the Roman population. The same process was developed and of course in the opposite direction. 50 Exchange of information on the other promotes mutual understanding and open living on both sides of the Roman Limes.
 Imperial Limes, Roman Hellenistic world, Roman Limes, border, border zones, Barbarians, I - V BC

Хуманитарни науки История и археология

Humanities History and Archeology

 Живко Жеков

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