„Богословието на харизмите в мисълта на св. Василий Велики” // Црквене студиjе, Ниш, 2010 бр. 7 (стр.109-126) (ISSN 1820-2446).

Тутеков, Свилен (2010) „Богословието на харизмите в мисълта на св. Василий Велики” // Црквене студиjе, Ниш, 2010 бр. 7 (стр.109-126) (ISSN 1820-2446). Ниш

 "The Theology of Charismata in the Thought of St Basil the Great" The theology of St Basil the Great presupposes an approach of econ-omy to Pneumatology in which the theology of the charismata is revealed. The Holy Spirit partakes in a unique way in the economy of Christ, that is, in the constituting and renewal of the Church through His gifts, which enables us to speak of a special economy of the charismata. The Gifts of the Spirit create the wealth of the Church’s life and give it a charismatic dimension. In the thought of St Basil the Great, however, the charismatic life of the Church is not understood within the categories of the charismatic individualism, but has a marked ecclesiological charac¬ter. Within this ecclesiology of the charismata, the gifts of the Spirit func¬tion in a dialogical interpenetration (= perichoresis), and thus constitute the koinonic reality of the eucharistic body of the Church as a community of love. According to St Basil the Great, the faithful receive the charismata of the Spirit in the conditions of their existential-moral (= ascetical) ef¬forts to grow in the life of Christ as members of His eucharistic ecclesial body. In this way, the theology of the charismata establishes the framework of an experiential, dialogic, and ecclesial ethics in which virtue (= ethos) is identified with the existential-moral pursuit of the person to „activate” his unique ecclesial charisma. This is an ethics which is fundamentally an „interiorization” of the charismata within one’s personal existence.
 св. Василий Велики, харизми

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 Свилен Тутеков

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