„Еклисиологични дилеми в мисълта на Ориген” // Саборност, Пожаревац, 2009, бр. 3 (стр. 105-127) ISSN 1450-9148, COBISS.SR-ID 21940495.

Тутеков, Свилен (2009) „Еклисиологични дилеми в мисълта на Ориген” // Саборност, Пожаревац, 2009, бр. 3 (стр. 105-127) ISSN 1450-9148, COBISS.SR-ID 21940495. Пожаревац

 "Ecclesial Dilemmas in Origen’s thought" Origen’s theology is influenced by Platonism and Neoplatonism, which define his cosmology, anthropology, and mystics. This Hellenic philosophical mentality has left its stamp where he discusses various ecclesial issues. First of all, Origen identifies the Church with ascesis (purification of passions and the mystical contemplation of the Logos) in a marked protological (not eschatological) perspective, and relates its essence to the restoration (apokatastasis) of the original perfection of Creation. In this way, the Church is turned into an instrument of ascesis. Origen distinguishes and divides the “outer” liturgical life of the Church from the “inner” life of the human soul, and places emphasis on the latter. The sacramental life and the hierarchical structure of the Church rather have a “symbolic” meaning, and only matter insofar as they lead the faithful towards the perfect knowledge (gnosis) and towards the mystical contemplation of the Logos. Hence the perfect Gnostic does not need the “outer” life of the Church, the sacraments, the hierarchy. From this ecclesial perspective, according to Origen, the Church hierarchy’s significance is entirely dependent on the cleric’s individual holiness and on whether he has achieved the perfect gnosis. In this way, Origen for the first time in the Christian tradition divides the sacramental structure of the Church from the existence of the individual person, the institutional from the charismatic principle, the community from the person. Therefore modern Orthodox theology is confronted with the task to reconsider these ecclesial “dilemmas” and to find their solution in the spirit of the Orthodox ecclesiological consciousness.
 Ориген, душа, апокатастасис, съзерцание, телос, катарсис, апокатастасис, гносис, духовност, Логос,

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 Свилен Тутеков

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