„Православното богословие и наследството на пиетизма”

Тутеков, Свилен (2008) „Православното богословие и наследството на пиетизма” Сб. "Саборност", Пожаревац (Рупублика Сърбия).

 The object of my study is the attitude of Orthodox Christian theology towards the influence of pietism on the life and theology of the Orthodox Church. First and foremost, this study traces back the formation of pietism in the history of Christianity from the time of Gnosticism to the Protestant pietism of the 17-18th centuries, and how it – together with the ideals of the Enlightenment and Humanism – became a specific mentality in religious life. During the 18-19th centuries pietsim penetrated

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Хуманитарни науки Религия и теология

Humanities Religion and Theology

 Свилен Тутеков

1. Тутеков, Свилен. Православното богословие и наследството на пиетизма. – Саборност, бр. 2, Пожаревац, 2008, с. 95-121. Цитирано в: Ристанович, прот. Н. Теолошки диспут Истока и Запада. - Теологикон, т. 4, Велико Търново, Фабер, 2015, с. 120.

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