„Поглед към богословието на волята у св. Максим Изповедник”

Тутеков, Свилен (2008) „Поглед към богословието на волята у св. Максим Изповедник” Сб. "Црквене студиjе", бр. 5, Ниш (Рупублика Сърбия).

 In St Maximus the Confessor’s theology, the teaching on will has major existential significance for the ontology of personality and for ethics. The first step is introducing will into the heart of human existence (i.e. into ontology), and understanding will as an existential movement of nature towards its eschatological thelos, which means that will has constitutive significance for eschatological ontology. The consequence of this approach is the rejection of any attempt at a “monophysitic” redu
 воля, св. Максим Изповедник

Хуманитарни науки
Хуманитарни науки Религия и теология

Humanities Religion and Theology

 Свилен Тутеков

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