Marriage and Communion

Димитров, Добромир (2010) Marriage and Communion The Family on the Frontline. Crisis of Family and the Role of Mission: Theological and Practical Reflections in a Protestant-Orthodox Dialogue. Omophoros Publ., Sofia, 2010 ( p.153-164).

 Psychologists and sociologists today are analyzing the joyless family life and are worried about the instability of marriage and the pain which this instability inflicts on both the spouses and the children. This is so because the original meaning of marriage proves to be incomprehensible to people today. Many view the institution of marriage simply as a private contract, attributing to it a purely utilitarian character. Some view marriage from a purely social/civic po
 Marriage, Eucharist,Communion, Church

Хуманитарни науки Религия и теология

Humanities Religion and Theology

 Добромир Димитров

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