Algorithmic Approach to Counting of Certain Types m-ary Partitions

Бакоев, Валентин (2004) Algorithmic Approach to Counting of Certain Types m-ary Partitions Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 275, 2004, pp.17-41. ISSN: 0012-365X; DOI: 10.1016/S0012-365X(03)00096-7 · Source: DBLP,

 Partitions of integers of the type $m^n$ as a sum of powers of $m$ and their counting is considered. Two algorithms for counting of $m$-ary partitions of sums, where each addend is $m^n$, are developed. On the base of these algorithms some arithmetical and combinatorial properties, and polynomial form representations of the number of such partitions are derived. An algorithm with a polynomial running time, which produces the coefficients of this polynomial and computes the number of partit...
 $m$-ary partition algorithm, Recurrence table, Algebraic and combinatorial property, Full $m$-ary tr

Природни науки, математика и информатика

Natural sciences, mathematics and informatics

 Валентин Бакоев

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