The N Numbers: Definition and Application

Георгиев, Георги (2004) The N Numbers: Definition and Application Proc. 2004 6th Int. Conf. Transp. Opt. Netw. ICTON 2004, Wroclaw, Poland, July 4-8, 2004, Vol. 2, pp. 287-294, (Invited Paper).

 Two sequences of real numbers are constructed. The elements of the first (second) one are the multiplied by two products of the purely imaginary zeros of special complex Kummer function by the modulus of the imaginary part of its first complex parameter (by the modulus of the latter). It is proved numerically that both sequences tend to the same limits (N numbers), if the imaginary part mentioned goes to minus infinity. The theory of waveguides is a field of application of the N numbers.
 zeros of complex Kummer function, limits of sequences of real numbers, numerical analysis

Природни науки, математика и информатика

Natural sciences, mathematics and informatics

 Георги Георгиев

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