A Study of Single-Bit Ferrite Phaser Geometry

Георгиев, Георги (1984) A Study of Single-Bit Ferrite Phaser Geometry Conf. Trans. 7th Int. Conf. Microwave Ferrites, Smolenice, Czechoslovakia, Sept. 17-22, 1984, pp. 99-103.

 The circular waveguide with a finite length of azimuthally magnetized ferrite - a promising device configuration for single-bit ferrite phaser, is considered. Design data shown in normalized form graphically permit a choice of ferrite parameters and structure geometry to achieve optimum phase characteristics with the constraint of zero phase slope over given operating band. Basic design concepts for a practical phaser in the circular guide are presented, accounting its performance limitations.
 ferrite control components, digital ferrite phase shifters

Природни науки, математика и информатика

Natural sciences, mathematics and informatics

 Георги Георгиев

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