Comparative analysis of Young Delinquents’ Values, S

Момов, Митко (2000) Comparative analysis of Young Delinquents’ Values, S International conference , In: Contribution of Social Research to the Economic and Social Recovery Policy, International conference, Nоvember 23-24 1999, pp. 224-233 Sofiiski novini edition ISBN 954-9884-07-4 Sofiiski Novini Edition

 We would like to present a interdisciplinary research study (anthropology, ethics, psychology and psycholinguistics ) of young delinquents' values. This group includes prison inmates who serve sentences for heavy crimes (PI) and drug addicts (DA), compared to the value system of other groups of yang people: students from big cities and youngsters from small provincial settlements.
 interdisciplinary research, values, young delinquents

 Митко Момов

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