Crises of State Security in the Globalization Era

Бузов, Вихрен (2019) Crises of State Security in the Globalization Era Political and Economic Unrest in the Contemporary Era, Proceedings of the 6th Academos Conference 2019, ed. A. Taranu, Bucharest 20-23.06.2019, Faculty of Political Science, National University of Political Science and Public Administration, Bologna: Filodritto Editore, pp.41-46, ISBN 978-88-85813-41-0

 We can distinguish several areas in which state security should be guaranteed: external security, public order and power of law, environmental security, protection of the population from disasters and accidents. State security crises pose a threat to society as a whole - its identity, community relations, social relationships, and individuals. In most cases, state security is referred to as equivalent to societal security. If the state cannot provide security in a society as public good, it is in a deepening crisis. Is it possible to reconcile the tendencies of declining state sovereignty in the globalization era with the need to protect national security? There is a deepening confrontation between the transnational elites and the national states, driven by the ambitions of the first to conquer the latter. Thus, the tendency of globalization to limit and deprive sovereignty of small and weak states (sovereignty decline) is, in fact, a product of the imbalance of the world in favour of the rich and powerful states, their peoples and the elites of the ‘Golden billion’. The idea of the withering away of the nation state is designed to remove barriers to the great expansion of the superpowers and regional aggressors. The tendency in the globalization era to limit and destroy the sovereignty of the smaller and weaker states is a result of unbalancing of the world in favour of the rich and powerful countries. There is also a tendency of unification of all international subjects, harmed by the process of sovereignty decline in a coalition for a just world order. The outliving of the nation state is a neoliberal dogma which is now on the agenda of its elimination.
 state security, sovereignty decline, neoliberalism, globalization

Социални, стопански и правни науки Политически науки

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Political Sciences

 Вихрен Бузов

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