Кратък наръчник за естетическо възпитание в градска среда

Теофилова, Марина (2019) Кратък наръчник за естетическо възпитание в градска среда Сп. Педагогически Алманах. Брой 1/2019.с.118-122. ISSN: 2367-9360 (Online)ISSN: 1310-358Х (Print) цитирано на стр.120 COBISS.BG-ID 1121205220

 The city as a dynamic and multi-layered image of our immersive cultural and social environment, with all the flaws and problems of modern society, has the advantage to form and educate today. It is a truism that the referent environment of friendly circles largely dictates the behavior and tastes of the new generation, and this impact is difficult to be resisted by the family and institutions. And the circle of peers, thanks to its new, readily available technology and communication channels, has expanded monstrously, surpassing all limitations, including geographical and moral ones. The virtual Internet space and the new technologies have completely replaced the real space, schoolyard, street and park bench. Doesn’t the City as a continually growing, living organism reconcile in its dichotomous flesh the contradictions of past and future, of ugly and beautiful, of what we define as a historical and cultural heritage and art and what we condemn as subculture and kitsch?
 city, historical and cultural heritage, art, subculture, aesthetic education, next generation

 Марина Теофилова

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