Непубликувани ранносредновековни оловни печати от крепостта Русокастро и прилежащият ѝ район.

Кънев, Николай (2018) Непубликувани ранносредновековни оловни печати от крепостта Русокастро и прилежащият ѝ район. Сб. Плиска – Преслав. Издание на Национален археологически институт с музей при Българска академия на науките. Т. 13: В памет на професор Тотю Тотев (1930–2015). София, 2018, с. 407 – 413. ISSN 2603-4212 (Print); ISSN 2603-4220 (Online); ISBN 978-954-9472-63-9 (print); ISBN 978-954-9472-64-6 (online).

 The paper deals with three unpublished so far lead seals, which originated from the vicinity of the medieval fortress of Rusokastro. The lead seals were found between 2012-2014 and kept in the fund of the Regional Historical museum – Burgas. The first one of them belongs to the Bulgarian tsar Petar I (927-269) and dates from chronologically the earliest group of seals named according to the content of the legend as ‘Petar and Maria, emperors of the Bulgarians’. It is associated with the initial period of rule of tsar Petar, viz. the years immediately after the peace treaty with the Byzantine Empire in 927 was signed. The second seal dates from the second half of 8th c. – first half of 9th c. On its obverse, a cross-shaped invocative monogram is depicted, while of the reverse: an inscription of four lines inscribed into a partly preserved circle. The whole text of the monogram and the legend is as follows: „+ Κύριε βοήθει τῶ σῶ δούλω Κωνσταντίνω νοταρίου καὶ ἀβιδικο‡ +“. The third seal is of 10th-11th c. On its obverse, a bust of St. Archangel Michael is depicted while on the reverse: an inscription of five lines inscribed in partly preserved circle. The inscription is in very bad condition and most of the letters were erased or illegible. The molybdobul was found within the Rusocastro fortress and precisely within the second tower that guarded the fortress southwards.
 Byzantium, Bulgaria, Rusokastro, lead seal, Petar and Maria, abydikos

Хуманитарни науки История и археология

Humanities History and Archeology

 Николай Кънев

1. The Bulgarian State in 927–686 969. The Epoch of Tsar Peter I. BYZANTINA LODZIENSIA, XXXIV. Edited by Mirosław J. Leszka and Kirił Marinow. Łódź, Łódź University Press, 2018. ISBN 978-83-8142-115-7; e-ISBN 978-83-8142-116-4 - цитирано на с. 664.

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