”Colorful emotion - a tactile interactive performance”

Друмева, Красимира (2019) ”Colorful emotion - a tactile interactive performance” The 17th International Creative Anxiety Workshops – the Biennale Vincent’s Pocket Poznan, страници: 158, стр. 99-100, ISBN 978-83-946660-8-8,

 Today, technology has become a “free nanny” for the young generation. This has a detrimental effect on children’s ability to concentrate over a long period of time and enjoy the present. Compared to virtual reality, the daily life is boring and gray. The natural, daily communication through human voices and normal visual stimulation is hard to compete with the bombastic graphic effects that attack them from the electronic devices. After spending hours in the virtual world, it’s very difficult for children to perceive and understand the small details because their brains has accustomed with the intensity of stimulation of digital game. This process leads to a low threshold of sensitivity to aesthetics and the lack of appreciation of the perfection, ugliness and beauty. Art has all the tools to develop these qualities and to inspire a development of new tactile, visual and emotional sensations. The main purpose of the “Colorful emotion” performance is to provoke children to make an associative and semantic relationship between color and shape. This will provoke the development of sensitivity to details and feelings and associations. This performance will engage children in the art world through their own senses.
 creativity, workshop with children, art

 Красимира Друмева

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