Humour Research in Bulgaria: Past, Present and Future.

Генова, Дафинка (2018) Humour Research in Bulgaria: Past, Present and Future. Israeli Journal of Humour Research, 2018, 7(2), pp. 18-42. Online ISSN 2304-4489

 The goal of the paper is a critical analysis of humor research in Bulgaria in the field of psychology, aesthetics, folklore studies, linguistics and journalism and media communication. Lack of unified terminology in humor research in Bulgaria and elsewhere is justified by the fact that humor is a complex phenomenon and how we define it depends on the perspective we take. Several scholars focus on the joke as a fundamental unit of humor. Folklore studies focus on the importance of the joke in the construction of man’s representation of himself; linguistic research on how the joke text is structured or how it develops to facilitate the introduction of an incongruity and the techniques employed for its (partial) resolution or, in other words, how humor becomes an aspect of the joke text. Other studies take a cross-cultural perspective on humor, comparing German-Bulgarian and English-Bulgarian joke culture and humor translatability. Research on humor in the print media pays attention to the social functions of humor and the role humorous and satirical newspapers and magazines play in its dissemination.
 humor, German-Bulgarian and English-Bulgarian humor studies, humor and the print media

 Дафинка Генова

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