Special events as a tool of marketing PR

Христова, Христина (2019) Special events as a tool of marketing PR В: SocioBrains, scientific journal, бр. 53, януари 2019, c. 30-39, ISSN 2367-5721,http://www.sociobrains.com

 The objective of the study is to differentiate the position of special events in the instruments of the marketing PR and to highlight the significance and the roles of public relations in the integrated marketing communications system. The object of consideration is the correlation of the emerging trends in the conditions of the relational marketing: the growing interest in special events and the expanding influence of public relations on the corporate policy of business organizations. The focus is on the specifics and general characteristics of the fairs and the different dimensions of the corporate theatrе. The study is based on the concept of "customer age" (Lefebure, Venturi) and the theoretical statements about the essence of the marketing piar (Harris), the special events (Gatz, Goldblatt) and the interconnection marketing (Kotler, Berry, Lòpez).
 special events, marketing PR, marketing of interconnections, fair, corporate theater

Социални, стопански и правни науки Обществени комуникации и информационни науки

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Public Communications and Information Sciences

 Христина Христова

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