Milev D. at al., The Evolution of the JAVA Security Model.

Милев, Димо (2005) Milev D. at al., The Evolution of the JAVA Security Model. International conference on computer systems and technologies CompSystech’2005, Varna

 In this paper the basic security features of the Java platform, including the language-level security, the Java Virtual Machine-level Security, the sandbox model, and the Java Security APIs, are discussed. In search of the proofs that Java is really secure and reliable, the main specialties and advantages of these features are considered and summarized, with special attention to their evolution within the dynamic and fast deployment of the Java platform.
 Java platform, JAVA Security Model

Природни науки, математика и информатика Информатика и компютърни науки

Natural sciences, mathematics and informatics Informatics and Computer Science

 Димо Милев

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