Sports injuries in students – athletes.

Беломъжева-Димитрова, Стефания (2017) Sports injuries in students – athletes. Trakia Journal of Sciences, 2017, Vol. 15, Suppl. 1, pp. 369-374. ISSN 1313-7069 (print)ISSN 1313-3551 (online), doi:10.15547/tjs.2017.s.01.062. Indexed in EBSCO, AGRIS, CABI, Zoological Record,, DOAJ. Available online at: http://

 An inquiry with students from Trakia University, Stara Zagora is carried out. Theaim of the study is to determine the current state of sports injuries in student sports. To realize the goal are placed the followingtasks: to conduct a survey with students athletes on sports injuries; to process and analyze the results of the survey; to draw concrete conclusions from the survey; to make recommendations for practice. In order to achieve the above research purposes are applied theoretical analysis, questionnaire method,alternative analysis and graphic analysis. The survey is conducted in 2017. The questionnaire includes nineteen basic questions, some of them are open. The students-athletes have the opportunity to indicate more than one answer for some questions. Results: registered are existing injuries related to sports and it is found that some of the methods and means of treatment and prevention are not well-known to students-athletes. The survey results make it necessary to seek and implement academic practice methods and tools to facilitate the recognition of sports injuries and upgrading of skills for the protection of their own health.
 Student sport, treatment of sports injuries.

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 Стефания Беломъжева-Димитрова

1. Ангелова, П. Терапевтичен стречинг при мускулно-скелетни дисфункции и лумбална болка. Издателство "Кота", Стара Загора, 2019 г., ISBN 978-954-305-482-4.

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