Emperor Friedrich in the Balkans (1189-1190). War de Jure and (or) War de Facto.

Иванов, Ивелин (2018) Emperor Friedrich in the Balkans (1189-1190). War de Jure and (or) War de Facto. – In: Proceedings of an International Conference. Ed. by D. Dimitrov, M. Palangurski, N. Hristova, V. Hristova, V. Bouzov. Bologna: FILODIRITTO Editore – Proceedings, 2018, pp. 21-28. Print ISBN 978-88-85813-05-2

 The Third Crusade is generally well-studied and there exist a number of monographs, papers and other publications on its diplomatic and military history. Despite, the matters concerning the military clashes on the Balkans from the second half of 1189 and the beginning of 1190 are still underexplored. The paper focuses on some aspects of the Third Crusade (1189-1191) that are not a detailed study in historiography on the topic. Traditionally, the historians show interest rather in King Richard’s and the King Philip’s actions, while the emperor Friedrich’s I campaign in the Balkans, and his dramatic and complicated relationships with the Byzantine emperor Issac II Angelos remains in the background. The author analyses the march of the Crusaders from a different point of view, i.e. through an analysis of the evidence and facts about war de jure and war de facto during the campaign in the Balkans from 1189-1190.
 Third Crusade, emperor Friedrich I, medieval Balkans, medieval warfare, Byzantine empire

 Ивелин Иванов

1. В: SOUTHEAST EUROPE: HISTORY, CULTURE, POLITICS, AND ECONOMY. BOLOGNA: Filodiritto Publisher, 2018, 20-21. ISBN:978-88-85813-05-2 Accession Number: WOS:000431848300003 IDS Number: BK1KA Cited References in Web of Science Core Collection: 30

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