Referential Expressions and Context.

Генова, Дафинка (1999) Referential Expressions and Context. Paper presented at The 20th Session of the International Philosophical School The Universal and the Particular, Varna, May 1998. Ed. by S. Kaneva et al. Sofia: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1999, pp. 101-107. ISBN 954-607-298-3

 The paper focuses on how context, most often the context of situation, and the speaker's intention influence the referential use of definite and indefinite noun phrases (definite descriptions in the philosophy of language). The paper supports the view that definite and indefinite noun phrases in their referential function are to be analyzed both from a semantic and pragmatic point of view. Commented are the categories definiteness and indefiniteness of nouns in English, Bulgarian and Russian as well as some of the means for the expression of those categories in the respective languages from a linguistic point of view.
 referential function of definite and indefinite noun phrases, context, definteness and indefiniteness in English, Bulgarian and Russian.

 Дафинка Генова

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