The Trust and Mistrust in Politics (the Bulgarian case of 2012-2014)

Калейнска, Теодора (2016) The Trust and Mistrust in Politics (the Bulgarian case of 2012-2014) Taranu,A.(ed.), Governing for the Future: Interdisciplinary Perspectives for a Sustainable World, Proceedings of Third Academos Conference, Medimond, 2016, Italy, pp 273-281; ISBN: 978-88-7587-731-6 [Web of Science]

 The article examines the categories trust and mistrust in politics and their implementation in real politics. As case the development of Bulgarian political society (2012-2014) is presented when within 17 months the society passed through five different elections, two of which early parliamentary elections. Analysis is provided to the process, reasons and actions taken as result of the mistrust of the citizens vs oligarchy (institutions and political elites); the lack of trust in between the political parties and coalitions themselves; the non-working state structures and blockage on all levels; the lack of real politics that lead to the mistrust of the citizens. The reasons for the political crisis are explored and analyzed.
 trust, mistrust, Bulgaria, early elections

 Теодора Калейнска

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