Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) security threats in corporations

Бойчев, Бойчо (2015) Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) security threats in corporations Информационна сигурност 2014: Сборник с доклади от международна научна видеоконференция – Свищов: АИ Ценов, 24 ноември 2014 г., с. 22-24. ISBN: 978-954-23-1060-0, COBISS.BG-ID: 1273192164 - http://www.bg.cobiss.net/scripts/cobiss?command=DISPLAY&base=99999&rid=1273192164&fmt=11&lani=bg

 The VoIP system is built on an IP network, so that means it is affected by the IP network security problem. It has many security problems due to the security mechanism of VoIP system and other external factors. These effects relate to the following three aspects: confidentiality, integrity and availability. The paper presented makes an attempt to an analysis and discussion over several security potential threats. We will try to suggest a solution to those threats.
 VoIP, Security threats

Социални, стопански и правни науки Икономика

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Economics

 Бойчо Бойчев

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