The Social Intranet – a way for Knowledge management

Бойчев, Бойчо (2014) The Social Intranet – a way for Knowledge management Fundamental and Applied Studies in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans Countries: Proccedings of the 1st International Academic Congress - Japan, - Tokyo: Tokyo University Press, 25 October 2014., p. 215-219. ISBN: 978-0-824-83657-8

 Implementing interactive Web 2.0 based software for organization internal usage is often accompanied by diffuse expectations, such as better knowledge management or increased productivity. However, current data shows that investment in collaboration software in many cases does not fulfill these expectations, as the usage of the tools is much rare. Nevertheless, social software based on web 2.0 principles is widespread in enterprises. Focusing on the internal usage of web 2.0 based software, enterprises are now leaving the 1.0 era of intranets and turning to social intranets, providing blogs, wikis and features for social networking, such as user profiles, activity streams and microblogging. Such intranet 2.0 platforms are to be used by employees for information exchange, communication, networking, coordination and the collaborative production of knowledge. Driven by an IT industry hype, these projects focus on currently discussed Enterprise 2.0 concepts such as open communication, open information access, enhanced cross-departmental collaboration and open (distributive) innovation.
 Social Intranet, Knowledge management, collaborative knowledge, intranet 2.0

Социални, стопански и правни науки Икономика

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Economics

 Бойчо Бойчев

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