BYOD security issues in business

Бойчев, Бойчо (2014) BYOD security issues in business Science and Education in Australia, America and Eurasuia: Fundamental and Applied Science : Proceedings of the 1st International Academic Conference - Australia, Melbourne: Melbourne IADCES Press, 23 June 2014., p. 41-43. ISBN: 9780584271957

 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is currently gaining significant attention. BYOD illustrates the problem of using devices within an enterprise which are personally owned by employees such as smartphones, tablets, PCs or notebooks. Such solutions enable companies to reduce costs, since they no longer have to purchase dedicated enterprise-related devices for their employees, and they also offer the flexibility of employees choosing their own devices. While providing clear advantages, BYOD poses serious challenges with respect to securing data that originates within and belongs to the enterprise and that is stored or displayed on the personal device of the employee. More specifically, given that the employee has full control of his/her device, finding a solution to securing access to sensitive and critical information on the personal device of employees becomes rather limited.
 Bring Your Own Device; Securing BYOD

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 Бойчо Бойчев

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