The 16th International Creative Anxiety Workshops – the Biennale Vincent’s Pocket Poznan,

Друмева, Красимира (2017) The 16th International Creative Anxiety Workshops – the Biennale Vincent’s Pocket Poznan, Kieszeń Vincenta Vincent’s Pocket, Poznan, May 8-11, 2017, Poland, pp. 37 - 38. ISBN 978-83-946660-3-3

 The creative workshop entitled “The smiling kite” was created to introduce art creation to children with a fun twist. This is a complex task because it is difficult for many people to understand the idea and importance of modern art. Long ago fine arts broke their connection with real life and free themselves to new discoveries. In the reference to this phenomena, the work with children on making kites whom they love so much leads them to experiment and discover the elements of construction and decoration, and in general it is a way to experience the artist’s way of thinking. In fact, every person was born creative, but over time this ability is blunted by the rules and society’s frameworks. During days, children with their natural talent challenged the process of creating. In the perspective of my personal reflections it is worth stressing that this workshop provoked and focused the development of childish curiosity, logic, new skills, creativity, and ended with pure physical fun transforming itself into a play with ready-made kites. All children were very enthusiastic about the challenge of making their own kite. At that stage, their curiosity about the new and the unknown was activated. After showing them some possibility, they began to design new structures with eagerness and without any fear. Their ideas were brave enough to amaze us all with their openness to new opportunities. In this part of the workshop, the abilities of children’s logic and experience were triggered. At the next stage, they designed their own decoration. Here, they freed completely their fantasy and created colour palettes typical for childhood dreams. At this stage, the brain’s creative part was involved in creating and combining shapes, colours and symbols. Using this approach activates the operation of the right (creative) and left (logical) part of the brain in order to set them to work in synchronicity. This is an important part of the process of creating works of art that carry a message. In this way, a maximum of human thinking can be developed. This is a technique that proves to work and gives excellent results also in reference to all spheres of human existence. The children’s dexterity was developed during the work on the little details that require more patience. For youngsters, it was the harder part, but they overcame their difficulties with more flexibility of thinking, improvisation and creativity. At the final part children started to play with kites which gave them a lot of fun and pleasure. Then they put all their artworks on trees and were really proud of what they had done. I can summarize my experience in participating at the Biennale Vincent’s Pocket as being highly productive and inspiring. Working with children gave me a lot of positive energy and ideas for new projects. I think this is the most accurate approach in introducing the new generation to the values of art. Knowing and understanding beauty, they can deliberately appreciate the achievements of the world’s art. This is also the way to truly learn how to derive pleasure from contemporary art. The society in which people value the culture is a good prerequisite to a better and beautiful future.
 creativity, workshop with children, art

Хуманитарни науки Изобразително изкуство

Humanities Fine Arts and Visual Arts

 Красимира Друмева

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