Approaches to cognitive architecture of autonomous intelligent agent

Петрова, Мариана (2018) Approaches to cognitive architecture of autonomous intelligent agent Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures, Publisher:Elsevier, Volume 26, October 2018, Pages 130-135, ISSN:2212-683X,

 Taking into account that the human intelligence is the only available intelligence we will find the functional relationship between neuronal processes and psychic phenomena to reproduce intelligence in artificial system. The autonomous behavior of an agent may be the consequence of a gap between physical processes and self-referential meaningful processing of information which is related but not determined by physical processes. This indeterminism can be reproduced in a cognitive architecture through the self-referential processing of information with consideration of itself as a meaningful model. We propose embodiment of cognitive architecture of autonomous intelligent agent as an artificial neural network with a feedback loop in meaningful processing of information.
 Cognitive architecture, Artificial intelligence, Autonomous intelligent agent, Systems theory

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 Мариана Петрова

1. Лукьянова E. Стандартизация SPA и WELLNESS услуг как фактор повышения конкурентоспособности латвийского SPA&WELLNESS туризма. 1ST International research and practice conference “Imperatives of development of civil society in promoting national competitiveness”: Proceedings of the 1stInternational Scientific and Practical Conference. Volume I, December 13–14, 2018. Batumi, Georgia: Publishing House „Kalmosani”, Georgia. ISBN 978-9941-9622-1-2, стр.180-182

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