Костадинова, Надежда (2018) THE CUSTOMIZED CONFERENCE PRODUCT IN HOSPITALITY BUSINESS Tourism and innovations, Collection of Proceedings from an international scientific conference devoted to the 55th anniversary of College of tourism - Varna; Издателство "Наука и икономика", Икономически университет Варна, 2018, сс 302-313, ISBN 978-954-21-0973-0

 Selling conference services in hospitality together with selling other identical services in this branch, requires a complex of elements that make it more or less attractive for customers. Nowadays it is much more important an appropriate set of technological decisions and introductions to be covered which could assure a process of active client communication process, rich experience that gives the value of conference tourists’ stay. It is also necessary the changed tendencies in the demand of this hospitality product to be conformed to. Applying a system of such elements together with quality servicing, turns the standard product into a customized one.
 conference services, customized product, innovative conference service, conference venue

Социални, стопански и правни науки Туризъм

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Tourism

 Надежда Костадинова

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