Културата на китайската епоха Тан (618-907). Непознатата екзотика – II част [Culture of the Tang Dynasty. The Unknown Exoticism - part 2]

Мандова, Искра (2018) Културата на китайската епоха Тан (618-907). Непознатата екзотика – II част [Culture of the Tang Dynasty. The Unknown Exoticism - part 2] Велико Търново: Фабер, 2018, 180 с. ISBN 978-619-00-0810-1 COBISS.BG-ID 1287202276

 The book “Culture of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The unknown exoticism” (part 2) is dedicated to the remarkable culture of the Tang Dynasty – the period of the flourishing Chinese civilization, also known as "the golden ages of China." Since it is impossible to mention and discuss all the aspects of the thriving Tang culture for three centuries in one simple book, this book is a continuation of part 1, as the less known and most colorful facts (according to the author) are collected and summarized in order to be useful and interesting not only for the sinologists but also to a wider range of readers. A comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach has been used, by combining written resources and material sources of information. The facts are based on original Chinese texts translated by the author, as well as on in-depth scientific research. The aim of this monograph is to shed different light on the knowledge of the Bulgarian reader about the Chinese Empire during the Middle Ages, to make him feel intrigued, to think about the best practices of "the Other" and to perceive the distant Chinese country a little bit closer and more familiar. The book consists of preface, introduction, 6 chapters, conclusion and appendix. The main chapters include: The Silk Road, Tang Literature, Tang Art, Tang Architecture, Tang Cuisine, The Secrets of Dunhuang.
 Китай, династия Тан, Дунхуан, танска архитектура, танска литература, градоустройство, танско изкуство

 Искра Мандова

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