The Entrepreneurship Education - through the Bulgarian Entrepreneurs' Eyes

Христова, Венета (2018) The Entrepreneurship Education - through the Bulgarian Entrepreneurs' Eyes BAMDE,

 The entrepreneurship is one of the most important factors for the establishment and subsequent development of the market economy. It is what drives economic growth of a particular company or country forward, which pushes the boundaries of the familiar and the traditional and opens new horizons for business. The entrepreneurial activity formation impacts several groups of conditions that should distinguish external and internal as with paramount importance of external environment are economic, social and legal conditions. Their aggregate outlines the parameters of the macro environment and largely determine the strategy for enterprises. Beyond this traditional classification we believe that an important condition for the development of entrepreneurship is the adequate entrepreneurial education. The education allows the development of spirit towards entrepreneurship, instilling a positive attitude towards the realization of its own business case, the acceptance of failure as a natural step towards success and education of socially responsible individuals who do not focus exclusively on making money, but also know how through them to make society more harmonic. The importance of entrepreneurship education is one of the areas of modern theoretical and practical searches of researchers around the world. In the present development are analyzed opinions from representative entrepreneurs’ organizations on what should be the training of future entrepreneurs so they to be effective in turbulent and hostile business environment. The data were collected through a survey, taking place February-May 2016 among the experts from these organizations.
 entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurs, representative employers' organizations

 Венета Христова

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