Манчева, Олга (2018) PLANNING AND TIME MANAGEMENT International Conference KNOWLEDGE-BASED ORGANIZATION, Sibiu, Romania, 2018, ISBN 978-973-153-325-4

 For the fulfilment of any plan or task, the management decisions need time: from several hours to several years. Therefore a special place in planning takes time management, establishing effective use of the staff time and each employee, which is divided into business and personal time. Time is the only resource that is not reproduced, it can’t be overtaken, but you can lag behind it. The task that is not completed within the established timeframe must be completed in the next term, assigned for another task, or at the expense of personal time. Planning and time management or organizing time is a technology to organize and improve the effective use of time.
 time, management, planning, organizing

Социални, стопански и правни науки

Social sciences, economic sciences and law

 Олга Манчева

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