Народните легенди за свети Димитър Басарбовски.

Моллов, Тодор (2018) Народните легенди за свети Димитър Басарбовски. LiterNet (е-списание за литература, критика и хуманитаристика), ISSN 1312-2282, № 6 (223) (https://liternet.bg/publish/tmollov/narodnite-legendi.htm; 02.06.2018).

 The article summarizes the information about the legendary biography of Dimitar, a local saint of the Basarbovo village, Ruse region, and the history of his cult from the ХV to the ХІХ century. Suggested thesis of the early origin of the cult (the period of the Bulgarian Middle Ages) when legends of the saint are of oral narration (folklore), then follows the historical development until the time of their first transcription by Paisyi of Hilendar (1762). The analysis of several legendary stories about the life and death of the saint revealed links with the mythoritual scheme of the Rain German ritual, medieval graffiti (pictorial folklore of IX - X century), ritual songs and other folk texts.

 Тодор Моллов

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