Promotion of Innovative Entrepreneurship Under Sustainable Development

Петрова, Мариана (2018) Promotion of Innovative Entrepreneurship Under Sustainable Development E3S Web Conferences, Volume 41, 26 June 2018, Article number 04015 3rd International Innovative Mining Symposium, IIMS 2018; T.F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University650000 Vesennya st.Kemerovo; Federation; 3 October 2018 through 5 October 2018; Code 137557, eISSN: 2267-1242

 The subject matter of this article is incentives for innovations in entrepreneurship. There are two models of entrepreneurship which exist in developed market economies – traditional and innovative. Innovations have never been so important as they are now, which holds particularly true for small and medium-sized businesses. As Peter F.Drucker formulated it, “Innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurs, the means by which they exploit change as an opportunity for a different business or a different service.” The methods by which innovations are encouraged change from country to country. The choice of such methods depends on economic, political and other conditions for a country's development. By encouraging innovative activities, governments enhance the effectiveness of innovative systems and create favorable conditions for enterprises to engage in science and technology. For the EU, which falls behind the USA and Japan in so far as innovation technologies are concerned, it is a high-priority task to implement the innovation development strategy and to transform its economy in accordance with the up-to-date model by 2020. The aim of such strategy is to achieve industrial leadership as well as to support business, including small and medium-sized businesses.
 Innovative Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, SME

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 Мариана Петрова

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