Димитрова, Ваня (2018) DIGITIZATION OF EDUCATION IN THE FIELD OF SECURITY Scientific research in the field of security, International conference on High Technology for Sustainable Development HiTECH, Technical University of Sofia, p. 1-3, ISBN: 978-1-5386-7038-5

 In the recent years the interest in innovation and implementation of digital solutions in the public sector is growing at a rapid pace, both at global and regional level. The education system is one of the most sensitive sectors in which the effective use of the advantages of digitisation can affect the future of the largest number of people and help for their realization on the labour market. According to the "Partnership for skills of 21-st century”, digital literacy is seen in two main levels: 1. the ability to use digital technologies, devices, and social networks to find, organize, process, appreciate and share information in an appropriate manner; 2. the need to observe and practice specific security rules and norms related to the ethical and legal use of the information. For this reason, we can divide the digital literacy in 6 main elements – five linked to the types of actions that young people need to make in a digital environment, and one associated with the way in which each of these actions can be carried out in an environment of security and in line with the ethical norms
 digitization, education, security

 Ваня Димитрова

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