Project management standards

Димитрова, Ваня (2017) Project management standards Knowledge – international journal scientific papers”, Thessaloniki, Greece, vol. 19.1

 Often, even in the definition of the project, there are conditions for uniqueness, uniqueness of objectives, performance conditions and results. As far as this is true, then what is it possible to standardize in project management? And if that is possible, is it necessary? Will this not only hamper, impede the initiative, impose wrong decisions? If the managers of large companies prioritize the psychological aspects of governance and the art of building interpersonal relationships in the project, their colleagues from small companies prefer a procedural approach. This is indeed the case and means that working within certain limits and norms for these managers is not only common, but also very convenient. What then to say about managing a company for which the existence and implementation of such standards means a guaranteed level of project quality? Finally, the fact that the practice of creating their own procedures and project management guides is widespread in large companies such as Oracle, IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, SAP AG, Siemens and others. All these considerations are of interest, which made me explore this topic in more detail.
 project, management, standard, quality, risk

 Ваня Димитрова

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