Психология на родителските стилове в полето на жизнения смисъл

Манолов, Манол (2018) Психология на родителските стилове в полето на жизнения смисъл Университетско издателство "Св. св. Кирил и Методий", ISBN 978-619-208-151-5, COBISS.BG-ID 1285541860

 The current work puts an emphasis on the family. Not only the modernity as a factor but also the language in everyday communication posed a serious challenge to the child. Not just the day-to-day happening, but the problems are presented as they are directed to the child. On the principle of divine, external factors, the parent usually transfers responsibility for events into childhood directly to the child. Children are perceived as carriers of both information stream related to modern times and the problems around them. The context of all is the family. It is assumed that there are causal connections about most of things there is a reason. Without excess courage about excluding God, destiny, fate, etc., the occurrence of any behaviour and attitudes there is a reason. The child in the same way does not exist in a vacuum. The child is a function of the family, the environment that it chooses, or its choice is predetermined by the parenting or will of the parent. It is impossible to have neither a problem nor a circumstance that is extra contextual or isolated only under the conditions of its own holder. In addition to studying the prevailing parenting styles in a Bulgarian sample, the work aims to link it to the perception of meaning in life. On the other hand, the rituals that the parents consider most important in connection with the child's initiation are followed. As a major contribution of the monograph, it is possible to point out first how to look at the family in one of its main contexts - parenting. Secondly, the meaning in life in inversion is an important contribution that aims to direct parental insight into itself, reflection and criticism of what it does and the way it educates with it. Another hue that the results introduce is related to the formulated meaning in life in inversion. Reflection of life through the child may lead to delay, stop, or abandonment of one's own life at the expense of life that makes sense. The risks that originate from it are most relevant in communication when it is extremely important in the parent-child interaction. When the parent's life has stopped at the moment when the child has emerged, the natural consequence is the personal departure that is mediated by the dynamic time we live in. The intensity of the development of both technology and societies leads to gaps in the perception of reality that the parent does not update, and the child invades as the only possible. The brief contents of the present work attempts to include the spectrum of parenting from the moment of including the subject to a society, to the meeting between two people, to the conception of the same, and their elevation to the over-personal with the act of creating a child.
 Жизнен смисъл в инверсия, родителски стилове, ритуали

 Манол Манолов

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