Catholicity and Sobornost: the Challange of Universalism

Стоядинов, Мариян (2018) Catholicity and Sobornost: the Challange of Universalism Centenarul Unirii Romanilor si Europa de Azi. Religie si Geopolitica (Ed. by M. Himcinschi, L. Colda, O. Panaite, R. Brudiu), vol. 3, Alba Iulia, 2018, pp. 31-43, ISBN 978-606-37-0353-9.

 The paper is dedicated on the issue of conceptualization of understanding (and confessing) of Church as Catholic one and the role of universalism. This theme is provoked by a remark of Metropolitan of Pergamo John (Zizioulas) in his Being as Communion . Three moments could be identified in the historical process. The first is the implementation of the adjective καθολικὴ to the ἐκκλησία. The second one is the symbiosis and the overlapping of two kind of universalism – the Imperial (progresive) and the Church one (eschatological) and the beginning of conceptualization. The third moment is the translation of καθολικὴ as sȃborna in the language of Slavs and the multiplication of Byzantine political philosophy in the new “forms”. At the end is evaluated the last transformation of imperial Cathilicity in the local autocephalous churches and the consequences of this process to the todau’s confession and practice of Catholicity.
 Church, catholicity, sobornost, universalism, autocephality, conciliarity

 Мариян Стоядинов

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