Политиката на Великобритания спрямо Канада до 1867 г. – от френска колония към английски доминион.

Йорданов, Йордан (2019) Политиката на Великобритания спрямо Канада до 1867 г. – от френска колония към английски доминион. Великотърновски университет "Св. св. Кирил и Методий", Исторически факултет, Мартенски студентски четения, Сборник с материали от Осма студентска научна конференция във ВТУ "Св. св. Кирил и Методий", том 5, Университетско издателство "Св. св. Кирил и Методий", Велико Търново, 2019, с. 151- 168, ISBN 978-619-208-182-9, COBISS.BG-ID – 1289156324.

 The present article analyses Britain’s policy towards Canada from its acquisition until 1867- from a French colony to an English dominion. The policy of the British Empire regarding its colonies has been strictly specific throughout the different historical periods because the peculiarities of the diverse territories it occupies: economic value, strategic importance, demographic characteristics, and so on. Observing the combination of these factors through the prism of historical reality helps to understand the kind of evolution that some of these territorial dependencies underwent within the British Empire, namely from protectorates or colonies to dominions. In this line of thought, the colonies with a considerable amount of white population are of particular interest to researchers of the colonial policy of the British Empire, because they explain the emergence and development of the so-called "British Commonwealth" - a modern projection of past colonial and dominion relationships within the aforementioned empire. From this point of view, Canada serves as an unique precedent not only because of the specific policy of Great Britain after the conquest of Canadian territories from the French, but also as the prototype of the dominion form of interaction between a colony and a metropolis.
 British Empire, Canada, Quebec Act, British North America Act, Dominion

 Йордан Йорданов

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