Великобритания и Седемгодишната война- победа породила крах (1756-1763 г.)

Йорданов, Йордан (2017) Великобритания и Седемгодишната война- победа породила крах (1756-1763 г.) Сборник: Доклади от годишна университетска научна конференция, 1-2 юни 2017 г. Национален военен университет "Васил Левски", Том 1, Велико Търново, Издателски комплекс, с. 131-139, ISSN 1314-1937.

 The report examines the Seven Years’ War as major colonial conflict and its impact on Great Britain’s dominion over foreign territories. The main topics are the long-term results of the war for control of North America and India. After this conflict Britain won vast territories and became empire but lost its American colonies, and then, after a long struggle against Napoleonic France, emerged as leading colonial power. The British attempts to tighten the control over the Thirteen Colonies, via taxation, after the Seven Years’ War combined with the removed threat to the colonists from Indians and French paved the way for the United States War of Independence.
 British Empire, Seven Years’ War, France, North America, India, American colonies, Independence.

 Йордан Йорданов

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